First Year Eng Class to Be Taught on Tindall


“We forgot that student bodies take up space…”

Due to the ringing financial success of increasing enrolment in the last year, enrolment has again increased by a sizeable amount. Unfortunately, there are not enough seats to house the full body of engineering students. 
“It’s one thing with arts classes, because about 15 percent of arts students go to classes, but engineering students are keen as fuck. It’s like they care about whether or not they’re learning things!” 
The new additions of Brant and Smith as new residences have ruled out using Leonard field for lectures, as if it wasn’t enough that the yellow brick exterior is uglier than Satan’s warty fun-flaps. 
The decision to have more students without increasing the existing library space, internet networks, health resources, can only mean one thing: an altruistic interest in pushing the boundaries of human knowledge and education. 
In keeping with a more cosmic interest in learning science while surrounded by lightly-modified nature, the lectures on Tindall will grant a unique opportunity for lecturers to become even more difficult to hear.