Fluid Finally Fills Up


For the first time, this Friday, Fluid Nightclub reached capacity. Managers, servers, and DJ’s were appalled that people were actually coming to their club which has been consistently empty ever since its grand opening last year. The nightclub’s owner, Riley Lee, believes this newfound success was due to the venue’s combination of no cover, cheap drinks, popular music, and an exciting atmosphere. However many of the students and alumni visiting the club thought differently:
“I spent like 20 minutes waiting for Stages, and the Ale line was even worse. I considered going to the Underground but that seemed like a terrible idea, so we decided to hit up Fluid.”
“It’s no Elysium or Legendz but at least it wasn’t too packed. I probably wouldn’t go if it wasn’t homecoming or if I could get into any other club, though,” said one recent alumni. Despite these and many other stories from the club’s patrons, the staff at Fluid still claims that their recent success had nothing to do with homecoming or the other clubs being at capacity.