Four Lion King Songs That Could Probably Be Metaphors for Canadian Electoral Reform


1) Circle of Life

From the day we arrive on the planet – and blinking, step into the sun, we as Canadians have a lot going for us. However, one thing Canadians unfortunately lack is a truly democratic nation. The Circle of Life, as a song, is about the process of growth and the flow of time. The Canadian democratic system similarly needs to either grow into something beautiful or wither and die, as will be made clear throughout the course of the musical numbers ahead. The ultimate question of Canada’s circle of life is whether or not we will finally achieve proportional representation.

2) I Just Can’t Wait to be King

We all remember the day we first heard Symba excitedly proclaim his desire to rule all of Africa like some damn European. This song is reflected in the boyish excitement our prime minister Trudeau felt at the thought of being prime minister of Canada. It started with sunny ways for Canada, but now Trudeau needs to earn his kingship. Although he promises to bring us proportional representation, with every day that he does not deliver we drift closer into an authoritarian dictatorship.

3) Be Prepared

As Scar sings to his Hyena army of his plans for ruling Africa with an iron paw, so too did Justin Trudeau proclaim to his new liberal party his desire to rule Canada with a rainbow-coloured iron fist. Sorry Justin, but you haven’t fooled us with your promises and your extremely photogenic facebook pictures. We see past your first-past-the-post electoral system, which is probably worse than fascism, by studies – and every day that we don’t get proportional representation, a part of our democracy dies. In a way, Scar’s Be Prepared was a warning to all Canadians to fear.

4) Hakuna Matata

As we all know, Hakuna Matata is officially the “dark part” of the Lion King. During this period, Symba fails to acknowledge his mistakes or own up to his legacy. His lack of desire to aid his subjects leads to Scar running the kingdom into the ground for years. Hakuna Matata, aside from being a wonderful phrase, is also a rallying cry to Canadians everywhere. Though it is supposed to be a song telling us “all will be well, live and let be”, we all know the hidden meaning of the song is the exact opposite. As soon as Canadians everywhere stand up for their democracy, we will see proportional representation in our own nation.