Four Reasons to See Local Play “Bro Diaries”


1. The Playwright is not a murderer
Mackenzie Parrott is the writer of “Bro Diaries,” and as far as we know, she has yet to kill anybody. This sets her in stark contrast to the rest of the Kingston theatre circuit, which is largely populated by unrepentant violent criminals.
The importance of supporting local artists is regularly expressed. However, an issue that is just as serious but rarely discussed is providing support for artists who are not murderers. They could have taken the easy route, and enjoyed that special kind of comfort that can only come from taking another human being’s life. But instead, they humbly dedicated themselves to their craft, and denied themselves that pleasure. And we here at Golden Words salute them.

2. The theatre will not burn down while you are inside
Another thing people have just come to accept about the Kingston theatre scene is that the audience almost always dies due to production-related accidents. Just last week, a theatre was lit ablaze during a one-woman show. There was only one survivor. It was the one woman, whose show it was.
The crew of “Bro Diaries,” however, have put in the work to ensure you will, at worst, only be severely injured during the play. A lot of stage hands lost their lives to ensure that level of safety, so please respect their sacrifice and buy yourself a ticket.

3. There will be actors present for the show
Tell me if this is familiar: You walk into a theatre, you dump out $20 for a ticket, you take your seat. The lights go down, and you wait for the actors to come out on stage – but they never do. The lighting changes, occasionally the curtain falls, and raises after the set has been changed, but no actors ever appear.
If that’s happened to you before, you definitely went to a Kingston stage play – they almost never have actors appear on stage. That’s another thing that sets “Bro Diaries” apart: there’s not just one, not just two, but a full cast of actors. As if that wasn’t enough, they’ll sometimes say lines of dialogue! The show is really shaking things up in this town, so be sure not to miss it!

4. The Bro Diaries team would never make threats to the family of a Golden Words writer to coerce positive coverage out of them.
They would never do that – even though he loves his family very much, and would do anything to keep them safe, no matter how much of his journalistic integrity he had to give away.

it’s gonna be ok, kids