Frosh Continue Proud Tradition Of Asking Stupid Questions


“How many pages of notes do you take each class?”, “How do I tell my prof I won’t be able to make a lecture?”, “Can I really not use mechanical pencils in exams?” These are all just some of the obviously irrelevant, weirdly specific or just plain idiotic questions that have been heard all across Queen’s as frosh have flocked to Kingston eager to start their four or five years descent into crippling debt that some prefer to call higher education.
One of our proudest traditions, frosh asking idiotic questions, has been a crucial part of our university since its founding in 1841. Golden Words interviewed our oldest living alumni Methuselah Robertson, of the Arts class of 1891 who still fondly remembers the stupid questions his classmates asked. Classic no-brainers, such as “Can black people join our beloved school?”, “Can women enter the faculties of Applied Science, Law or Medicine?”, “Experimenters with electricity can’t be burned as witches, right?” were all answered by the sophomore students back in the 1870’s with a resounding “NO”.
Your Golden Words reporter spoke to Victoria Hall Don, Don Jon, who says that while he understands that frosh are in a new environment and know nothing about either university or life at Queen’s, they really ought to know that you don’t need to plan out how many wall outlets are in your res room. “Just buy a power bar!”
This proud tradition is being well respected by frosh who really can’t seem to figure out how to do anything independently, or at the very least recognize which questions make them appear like idiots in their new home. Principal Woolf issued in a statement that he “was proud to see the eagerness with which our incoming class forget everything common sense has ever taught them”.