Frosh Crosses Street During Red Light For the First Time


Initially apprehensive, first year John Hudson, majoring in economics, philosophy, music, and maybe politics I guess, made history earlier this morning. At 11:28am, at the intersection of Johnson and Division street, Hudson was the first frosh of the year to cross the street during a red light. Looking both ways before crossing, Hudson received audible gasps from his Class of 2020 peers as he made his way across the street.

“I had no choice okay? I was running late for class and I saw Upper Years doing it so I thought why not? I know I probably shouldn’t and cars might get mad at me but it didn’t happen this time” Hudson said.

Following his break from the street etiquette of his home town, thousands of frosh have begun to follow his lead going to class a little bit later and annoying the fuck out of people driving around campus.

“We really feel like Upper Years now – it’s awesome. After everyone told us ‘Cars Kill Frosh’, we quite literally thought all cars were trying to run us over” said Hudson. “I’m glad to know that literally not everyone is out to kill me. Definitely a change from high school.”

Now that frosh have begun to cross the street, theorists believe it is only a matter of time before they begin to exhibit other abnormal behaviours such as: complaining that they are too old to go out 3 times a weekend, or sick of Pita Pita, or finding out about Botterell Hall and the law library.