Frosh Finally Arrives On Campus After Getting Dropped Off in Kingston, Jamaica


Frosh week is a time for new students to get their feet wet in the pool that is university. Many fun activities include meeting your floor, going out with friends and eating at the caf. This was not the case for incoming frosh, Klint Minsley whose parents accidentally dropped him off in Kingston, Jamaica.

Klint knew something was wrong when his parents told him that they were flying to university instead of driving. Klint explains, “ya boi, like I knew Kingston had an airport ‘n’ stuff but like we live in Bellville so I was like, why da funk are we flying?”. But the metaphorical shit hit the metaphysical fan when the Minsleys arrived in the Caribbean. Klint gave us his first impressions, “At first I was like, dayuum, we in the wrong city! But then I found out that their actually is a university called ‘Queens You’ and I thought ‘bruh like I probably applied to this school on OUAC! Classic meeee!’”.

Due to the poor administrative practices at Queen’s You, and the fact that there was an open room in ‘Vik Hall’, Klint saw himself smack in the middle of a Queens You frosh week. Many fun activities include meeting your ground, krumping (aggressive and violent grinding) with your friends, and eating at the calf. This actually is not the first case of a Queen’s U student ending up in Jamaica, it’s quite common. Since Queens You U’s conception, in 2007, more than 350 students have ended up there and less than 100 have graduated. The university’s most prestigious graduate, Clark McRonald, put Queens You’s physics department on the map by discovering a new quark flavor, jerk.

On the Friday of frosh week, Klint’s parents realized the mistake they made when they went to visit Klint in Kingston, Ontario. When they got to Vic Hall they knew something went wrong, as Alish Minsley told us, “ya boi we just looked at each other and were like, dayuum, we in the wrong city!” They immediately phoned Queens U and Queens You to figure out a solution and applied for their son to transfer immediately from Kingston to Kingston. But Klint was hesitant to leave Jamaica, “Ya boi, the food here is unreal. We literally eat like the best oxtail and roti everyday. Also everyone here smokes weed and listens to super hipster music, You’re telling me they do that In Kingston? Oh they do? I thought they just did that in Kingston! Well coat me in oil and call me a fried plantain, I’m moving to Kinston!”.

Klint managed to get to Queens for the first day of class and start his program, QUARMS, but because he missed frosh week he felt alienated from the rest of his classmates. To make matters worse, he tried to show them what ‘krumping’ was and ended up putting two of them in the hospital, both with shattered pelvic floors.

Mix-ups like these happen at other universities like with Weshtern University in London, England and the University of Toronto, California. But it’s important to know that mistakes like these can be remedied and it’s important to let the registrar know as soon as possible. Thanks for reading this PSA from the Admissions Office.