Game of Thrones Season 7 review **SPOILERS**


The latest season of Game of thrones has premiered, and this article is here to give you the inside scoops on all the freshest fights, feuds, and fornication HBO has to offer.

The season picks up where the last season ended, following the honeymoon of everyone’s favourite princess and her monster/man. The power couple returns to their home, ready to settle down, when they are invited to the king and queen’s palace in the north for an ol’ congratulations on getting married. Along for the ride is their friend/donkey. At first delighted to see their daughter, the queen and king are quickly shocked to discover the newlyweds are actually ogres.

After dinner, the king in the North is visited by a familiar Fairy Godmother, reminding him that her son was supposed to marry the princess. In an act of treachery, the king then plots to murder his new son-in-law, by hiring an assassin. But when the attempt on our hero’s life is thwarted, the assassin, Shrek, and their donkey/friend decide to hunt for answers together. Sneaking into the Fairy Godmother’s lair, Shrek and donkey drink a Happily Ever After potion, turning Shrek into a man. But before they know it, the Fairy Godmother discovers the theft of the potion and convinces Shrek that Fiona no longer loves him, and sends him out of the castle.

The conniving Fairy Godmother then arranges for Fiona to marry prince charming, now that shrek is out of the way. The Fairy Godmother gives the King a love potion to ensure Fiona falls in love with prince charming, but Shrek overhears this and tries to interfere, resulting in Shrek, Puss and Donkey being locked in the dungeons. Luckily, Shrek has friends on the outside who break him out with the help of a giant gingerbread man. Finally, Shrek is able to face off against his adversaries. Shrek and his friends race to stop Fiona from kissing Prince Charming, because if they kiss it will leave Shrek and Fiona as humans permanently and Shrek will have no chance of getting back together (I forgot to mention that earlier, it’s the other condition of the happily ever after potion. Also it turned Fiona into a human and Donkey into a white stallion, but sort of irrelevant for this review).

The king reveals he never gave Fiona the love potion, enraging the Fairy Godmother, just as Shrek arrives to fight. A large action sequence ensues, resulting in the king sacrificing himself for Shrek, while also defeating the Fairy Godmother. The king survives, but has been turned into a frog; the queen loves him regardless. Everyone lives happily ever after, “I’m a Believer” plays and the credits roll.

Oh, yeah, it’s an 11/10.