Gamergate: Feminists Demand Equal Representation in Horrifyingly Violent Video Games


The continuously evolving “Gamergate” scandal continues to grip the gamer community and video game industry as women are fighting for the inclusion of more positive female characters in disturbingly violent and fucked up video games.
Anita Sarkeesian, the blogger that helped bring the issue to light, said “for too long women in video games have been relegated to the sidelines as damsels in distress or simply sex objects; while male characters get to steal cars, decapitate people with swords, obliterate an entire army with a sub-machine gun, and destroy planets. It’s about time we changed that.”
Many feminists, or simply pissed-off average female gamers, are arguing that such games could instead revolve around female characters who punch prostitutes or slaughter people at close range like a maniac.
Video games reflect the film industry’s seeming reluctance to produce female-led movies, despite the fact that women see movies more than men and the proven success of vehicles such as The Hunger Games. Many male gamers, however, are hesitant to change.
“Like what if this causes a chain reaction?” said gamer Neil McBride, unemployed. “Soon, these femi-nazis with their ‘chick games’ are gonna fill the whole industry with their soft games where you can’t even stick your enemy’s dick in a cannon and blow it off for double the kill points. They probably can’t even quickscope!”
Responding to allegations of sexism and harassment in the game development workplace, manly man and creative VP of Rockstar Games Dan Houser commented “boys will be boys. I mean, they’re probably just defensive because they don’t want their jobs taken by some girl, with her flowery, sunshine and lollipops approach to GTA VI: Guantanamo Bay.”
Though several disturbing internet comments have been directed towards the women leading this campaign, at press time, none of the male gamers had worked up the courage to talk to them in person.