Get to the Conference – Schwarzenegger for Senator


In the light of the recent U.S. election, ex-Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger has announced that he will be moving to Canada in order to run for some smaller-scale electoral positions. This has lead him to apply as this year’s Senator, which will allow him to use his years of experience within the Engineering Society in order to express the opinions and concerns of us engineer folk.

Arnold hopes to bring about great change to the society. His platform carries a lot of weight, but then again, as a seven time Mr.Olympia Winner, so can he. During a recent press conference he unveiled some of the key components of his platform, in his usual intense accent.

“Hello enguneeurs, I am here to impruuve your lifes. First things furst, I will maek Physical Education a manduhtory course for all furst yeahrs. I vil do dis by remouving the English Profishensy Test and uther grammer related education in order to giv tiem for essential pheesical education.. Why would i do this you mey ask? I am uv the opinion thet the only definitions un enguneer needs ar the wuns on his bohdy.”

We remarked that in his position as senator, Mr. Schwarzenegger would have no influence over the courses that first years take. To this, he replied with his campaign slogan: “Your votes. Give them to me NOW.” Good one, Arnold.

As the time to submit this article is quickly approaching, my chance to impact you has been cut off, just as “The Gouvernator’s” was when his affair was discovered. It’s called mad game Arnold, not maid game.