Girls guide: How to make doing Meth not so basic


For this cool catchy intro I want to start with a true-to-life story (Leah you’ve been lying? Yup! Rules don’t apply to the meme-cowboys or the Vine Famous). But before I start on this crazy adventure, you have to promise me one thing-under no circumstances will you fall in love with me.

So here’s the story: this one time I saw “Meth is a gateway drug” written on a wall hahahhaha lol lmao rofl I thought it was funny. But enough of that, this isn’t about which drugs would or wouldn’t make a good gateway. Realistically I wouldn’t recommend meth, pot, alcohol, or even heroin to build a gateway-frankly the support just isn’t there. (POW what a fucking hot pun this bitch just pulled out, the best kind of pun has way too much build up and are ultimately disappointing). But what I can confidently speak on is how you can go about making your meth usage way less basic.

Ladies, we’ve all been there. You’re on you Macbook Pro, it’s two years old so you like totally hate it now, and starbs ran out of lactose free milk so you’re on edge, all your fav DIY Youtubers seem to be literally on crack, and everyone keeps bringing up your whole “meth thing”. What it really comes down to is you need the DIY-Life-hack-Buzzfeed-Narcity lowdown on how to stop seeming so basic when using and abusing meth so you stop getting such hard time for it. Like “Oh Leah did you like have to get Starbs before class?”, “Oh Leah I think Rachel and Bridget have those Zara boots” , “Oh Leah how was your trip to South east Asia go?”, “Oh leah why do you do so much meth?” and “Oh Leah are you still gluten free or just vegan?”. After a while it just really gets to you. I know it’s hard to complain when Breaking the Bad or whatever was like a really popular show, but I just think people bring it up too often. Middle-class to upper-class ladies we need to take a stand for our right to be the same! Like as if all the boys at Queen’s don’t wear khakis, plaid, and something adidas? Get real. But because my online Narcity petition has not been gaining much momentum, I’ve decided to share with you a few DIY Youtube Style tricks to making your meth less basic.

Hey guys, its me Leah, welcome to another episode of LeahDIY not be confused with my other channel called LeahDUI! Today we are going to talk about some trendy fall DIY tips for how to make Meth less Basic:

Add Glitter: One of my favourite things is to add so much glitter that my friends just think I’m on like a new 90’s wave! It completely distracts from the meth, and is super cute!

Try a newer street drug: Krokodil is a hot new street drug, and what better way to avoid the “basic” title then to be on the cusp of the fresh trends! Your friends will totally be impressed with your hip-sense of street drugs.

Bring a Test: The best way to show your girls that doing meth isn’t basic is to just show them. Phenolphthalein strips are a great way to test the acidity! I myself have found Methenamine to always hover around 3.5, and the girls can’t fight that one! It’s also a hit with the guys to show them that you have a sophisticated side! Because in the end, if being less basic wasn’t to impress guys, then I don’t know what you’re even doing here.

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