Girls Laughing Together in Photos: What Are They Laughing At?


The elusive “girls laughing together in a row” photos: some of us pretend they don’t exist while others are adamant that they’re the cause for the wage gap. Whatever your view on the “girls laughing together in a row” pictures, we cannot deny that we’ve all seen them.

It’s a photograph of 2 to 5 girls in a row with their bodies facing the camera. But something’s not right. None of them are looking at the camera. In fact, their bodies are tilted to face each other’s. Why do they all have one hand on their hips? Amidst this seemingly staged photograph, you notice something off.

These girls are laughing. They’re clutching to each other and are having some sort of humorous moment to themselves. But these hearty laughs are not to themselves since this photo accidentally found itself in your Facebook news feed. You’re going to like the photo, right?

The picture has captured the one girl with her head thrown back in laughter. She must be really amused if she threw her head back instead of posing for the picture. I mean, instead of waiting to resume the conversation after the photograph, she was clearly just that overwhelmed by this joke. It seems like she was going to laugh regardless of whether a photo was being taken.

But what is the cause of these clearly candid moments? What is the joke that makes these girls forget that they’re getting their photograph taken? What hilarity is everyone missing out on? To answer this century ago question, Golden Words set out on an investigation and interviewed a sample group of 512 girls to see if they would share with us what was making them laugh.

Over the course of a month long investigation, Golden Words learned from the interviewed sample that these girls are almost all laughing at that one time when Lauren spilled a little bit of her Booster Juice on that purse she just bought.

When asked about what happened with Lauren and the foredoomed Booster Juice, all of interviewed girls let out a candid laugh and fondly recalled how Lauren is “like, such a klutz.”

Apparently, according to the provided 512 accounts, after it took Lauren a relatively brief 17 minutes to finally decide what fibre boosters she was going to put in her Bananas A Whey Booster Juice, she was showing Amanda her new purse that she got for “a price that should have been totally illegal to sell any bag at.”

Golden Words was unable to confirm if Lauren’s claim of illegality was founded in either that the purse’s price was very cheap or very expensive.

Upon showing Amanda the purse, with unfathomable irony, a tablespoon-size drop of Bananas A Whey Booster Juice reportedly fell on the purse. Golden Words was told by the respondents that the purse is “totally fine” because that it is made from a pleather material.

Interview respondent, Erica, told Golden Words, “It was fucking hilarious. Lauren’s always been so random. I guess it was one of those things you had to be there for to get.”

“We sometimes also laugh about the tiny dicks we’ve seen but we mostly laugh about what Lauren did.”