Golden Words Interviews AMS Candidates Team CBW


Golden Words (GW) Editors Hattie (H) and Joe (J) interviewed Kanivanan Chinniah (C), Kyle Beaudry (B), and Catherine Wright (W) from the newly acclaimed AMS executive team. Here are the highlights.

GW: Now I didn’t have time to read your entire platform. Can you distill it into, like, a tweetable phrase?

B: The serious tweetable phrase would be “small practical changes to better student experience”. Was that too long?

J: That’s for whoever is the equivalent of Mark Zuckerberg at Twitter to determine.

GW: Now every team usually has, you know, various ‘characters’. Someone is usually the funny one, another is the smart one, the ringo. Which one of you is, like, the one you would kick off your team?

C: Hypothetically?

H: Well it’s happened before, but just say hypothetically.

C: Hypothetically….uh…

W: Before I get kicked off the island I’m gonna nominate Kanivanan.

C: (shrug) I mean…

B: Yeah. We’ll boot Kanivanan.

J: Okay, terrific, there’s a coup at work.

GW: Do you know the mysterious team BTB that was planning to run against you?

B: We heard about them, we saw them coming to the all candidates meeting. We couldn’t see the T person but they were there, so we heard about them.

H: According to trusted sources, their only released platform point was going to be Pitchers on weekdays at QP. How much do you think they would have won by with such an awesome point?

B: Hmm, I think that’d definitely be a big sell. I heard that their big point was grilled cheese at Common Ground, but I guess not; their big point is pitchers.

J: It’s like one or the other

B: Yeah can’t have both. Um, that would definitely help them get a lot of votes I think.

H: But you’re somehow against it…you don’t like pitchers.

B: Um, I mean, I guess the idea behind is – was that it allows people to be drawn in, and people are coming in on weekdays enough so you don’t need to like offer a pitcher if the tables are gonna be full.

H: So it’s like we’re drawing enough people into the university that we don’t need to provide a very good education to keep the money in.

C: That’s one way to put it I guess.

GW: If we were given the opportunity to vote for the AMS election, would you really vote for yourself?

C: Why, I think we would vote for yourself, you know, we are team CBW and it could be worse!

GW: What changes will be coming to cogro this year? And when are you just going to scrap it and open another Tims?

B: One of our ideas for CoGro that was in our platform was to add bar style seating on the outside because you often go to CoGro to get a wrap or sandwich or a coffee, and you can’t find a place to sit because there’s always people taking up all the seats so, adding more seating to Cogro.

J: Would you consider bringing pitchers to this bar style of cogro?

B: I mean we could.

H: Could you? Legally?

B: We can consider it.

GW: Nice. Perfect.

GW: If you had to get rid of one faculty, or degree at Queen’s, what would it be?

GW: Would it be economics?

C: We’re (C&W) both in economics.

H: I know, I read your platform.

W: Speaking as somebody who is now in Economics and Gender Studies medial, I would prefer to get rid of economics, having experienced the degree.

H: So genders is better.

W: In my opinion yeah. Gender studies all the way.

J: You prefer a gender driven economy more than an economy driven economy.

GW: Would you support extending the definition of “personhood” to include frosh?

B: Personhood? What is the current definition of personhood?

J: Basically everyone… like back in the 20s when there was the huge push in first-wave feminism to accept persons, that was a big thing. So personhood now includes males, females; would you include frosh under that definition?

C: I think it’s very important to be very careful with extending any sort of definition to frosh, I think frosh need to earn it before they actually get it.

J: They need to fight for the right. Okay.

GW: One of the first points on your platform is improving the bus-it service. The bus is always full in the morning with frosh living on West Campus, which results in people living on Pembroke street late for class. Would you consider introducing a bus line that bypasses West Campus and has a main stop at Pembroke Street instead?  

B: Interesting. And you can’t even squish on the current one, like it’s that full?

H: Well it depends on how nice the bus driver is.

B: Hmm. So the mean bus drivers won’t let you squish on. Interesting.

W: That isn’t something we’ve heard till now, basically

B: Yeah I’ve never heard that one before.

W: We want to be exploring all the options we have

J: It’s been a growing grassroots movement.

B:How many people live on Pembroke street? I didn’t even know like that was…

H: You didn’t know that it existed…?

B: Not really, no.

H: So you definitely haven’t worked with WalkHome.

B: No. I’m not working at WalkHome!

J: I thought everyone worked in WalkHome. Everyone I know worked in Walkhome.

GW: Do you support the use of gender neutral terms to be used with official documents for the university?

C: I think it’s a good step to use gender neutral terms, it extends respect to all people, and that’s something we think is good!

GW: That’s good! According to Wikipedia, the term Alma Mater originally was used to describe Mother Goddesses in Ancient Rome and the Virgin Mary in Christianity, so it is highly gendered and has religious affiliations. Do you support changing the name of the AMS to Alma Neuter Undergraduate Society to facilitate gender neutrality and accuracy?

C: I think we support changing the name of AMS to EngSoc plus.

J: I like that. EngSoc will be very happy with this interview.

GW: The other societies, I’m not sure. But, you know… They don’t matter. Cuz we’re not employed by them.

C: We’re concerned if we name it that, it will confuse students between that and ASUS, so we don’t exactly want to.

H: Oh, so you don’t want people confusing ANUS with ASUS.

J: It’s good to be medically accurate.

GW: Do you have any plans to stop the obvious money laundering that is happening at The Underground? Because every time I throwback, the place is packed, but every year this thing loses more money. Do you have any plans to make the decor less…shitty?

B: What do you think of…you don’t like the decor right now?

J: I just think it’s odd, it’s like chandeliers and then the walls say, I could be stabbed.

W&B: You don’t like the contribution to the underground kind of feel? Edgy vibes…you know, the graffiti…

J: I don’t know if I want that. I frankly want a safe experience.

B: If we had like a student day, where we just paint the wall like everything blank.

J: Mhmm, I think so. I think you did that with like a kindergarten class the last time, so that could work if we had univesity students.

B: But it also draws people to the Underground. And you could take away the spray paint and add exactly what you want on it. You could have your own wall! You could both have your own wall. You could have a Golden Words Wall!

H: Yeah, like promote childlike behaviour at like a club.

W: People’ll love that.

GW: Why do you think only one team ran this year? Was it due to the unconfirmed reports of intimidation by your team?

J: Because you guys are pretty intimidating. We’re intimidated.

C: I think it’s a problem that not many people are running, it’s an unusual situation to have only one team. The last a team was acclaimed was 1990, which is well before I was born. I’m not so sure if that’s well before my teammates are born but…

J: We’ll need to see your birth certificates.

B: I forgot it today.

J: Scandal.

C: It’s an unusual situation.

B: Why didn’t the Golden Words team enter?

W: Yeah!

J: Because we’re lazy.

H: Because we’re underfunded.

J: Because we like to rely on the AMS to put up a bunch of teams on their own.

GW: Do you have a favourite dictator?



W: I’m really not a fan of dictatorship.

B: Yeah we really…not the best leadership style. I wouldn’t be able to put a pretty compelling case together on why it’s not the best leadership style, but…

J: Well you’ve put a compelling case together so far for non-democracy, you guys are pretty good. You guys seem pretty good, I’m intimidated, I think that you covered all the bases for a dictatorship.

B: We’re about being friendly and nice.

J: I guess, but no one has gotten to the history books for being friendly and nice.

C: I think there’s a lot of people who’s gotten into history books for being friendly and nice. Barney the dinosaur, of course is a…

GW: Well look what happened to them, the dinosaurs.

C: True.

GW: One final question. Now we all like to think that Queen’s is a fair, open, safe environment. But every year more and more allegations stack up about the school oppressing a major, visible group. This is issue is very personal to me. So I ask you: is this the year where I can finally use my goddamn debit card at the ARC?

C: There is a lot of complexity to that. All the vendors in the ARC are all Sodexo, so they’ve just took the decision to not accept debit and credit, but if you go to Common Ground or if you go to QP, and we do accept credit and debit.

J: So you’re saying that Sodexo is this multinational national corporation that owns Tim Hortons, Pita Pit, Booster Juice, Pizza Pizza…

H: So you’re succumbing to their power and disregarding the comfort and safety of the student body.

C&B: No, we are instead of following what they do, we actually have accepted, so, we also have gift cards… at the services we have control over, such as CoGro, and QP.

J: I think you guys should not cower in the face of this giant corporation and really stand up.

B: What’s your strategy, what should we do?

H: Being friendly, and nice.

J: Yeah exactly, keep that friendly dictatorship thing going and you’ll get places.

J: Okay, thank you very much guys.

CBW: Thank you.

H: Good luck with your campaigning… that is not necessary.