Golden Words Recommended Reading List


For all the students who are going through book withdrawal Golden Words has put together a reading list to last you through the holidays. This should help ensure you are not forced to do anything such as talk to your relatives who came to see you and if you keep it up long enough you will not have to worry about them visiting again:
Complete Works of William Shakespeare
Honestly a reading list doesn’t seem to be complete without something by Shakespeare and I figured I would start a fight if I picked one. So now you get to read them all. Lucky you.
Complete Works of Oscar Wilde
The english majors are always talking about him so it must be interesting or something. 
Complete works of Robert Munsch
The book that gave the writing staff their inspiration to pursue comedy will help hone your skills for when you decide to join our writing team… please help they make us write soo much
Atlas Shrugged
10/10 asshole Republicans recommend this timeless classic. Now you can find out why.
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
It is a big universe out there and if you are going to survive and find the meaning of it all you will need to be prepared. Prepare yourself with with how to guide and your trusty towel as you set out to explore the galaxy.
Encyclopedia Britannica 
Learn everything that you would ever want to know. this should give you a few day of reading if you are as desperate as I am to avoid talking to family members.
Oh the Places You’ll Go
Finally read this timeless classic that was so kindly given to you at your high school graduation. I know that graduation was 2 years ago but you really should read this so you can properly thank that overly emotional Aunt who gave you it.
Introduction of Optical Mineralogy by William Nesse
A staple for all geologists can now help give you a better understanding of earth materials around you and figure out how to finally use a microscope. Also you will finally get all jokes involving (Mg,Fe2+)2(Mg,Fe2+)5Si8O22(OH)2
A Great Game by Stephen Harper
Help support this poor guy who just lost his job and his home. Learn from the former Prime Minister the joys of the game of hockey from a man who looks like he hates his experience every time he is actually at a hockey game. 
This list should help get you through the holidays without having to give into the temptation to actually socialize with your family.