Good News!


Last Friday all engineers were finally able to breathe a sigh of relief: the commies received their exchange assignments. Every engineer could be seen around campus frolicking and cheering ‘ Commies are gonesies! Commies are gonesies!’ Even  the 4th years who won’t be here next year were singing along in pure relief for their younger comrades, who will have 300 less commies to deal with on campus next year.


It had in fact been feared that this year not a single one of the 300 second year commerce students (by students I mean rich children who pay rich money to get rich grades) had passed the minimum requirement to get into exchange and get far far away from our beautiful campus. It is still debatable whether any one student managed to get over a 1.0 GPA, which I have heard from a very confirmable source was the cutoff, and assumed by the general public that excessive funds made up for insufficient intellect.

As facebook posts of gleeful and bragging (yet oblivious- why would anyone want to leave Queen’s?) commies appeared, engineers rejoiced. Far away land is where most commerce students will be shipped to, and that is all that matters to this faculty.