Government Handouts Making Queen’s Students Lazy


You know what is wrong with this generation of students? They think that simply because they are going to school that the government should just give them money for nothing. What kind of society do we live in, where a student who doesn’t have as much money can go and get an education on the dime of the taxpayer who is being squeezed to death by the illegal taxes imposed by the overzealous socialist government? One that needs to clearly get its priorities in check. Our military spending is low and we spend money of helping these poor students who don’t want to work? Look at what a waste these students are making of the money we entrust to them.
I know for a fact what the students are spending all their money on–illegal drugs… Therefore the government is giving the students money to buy drugs. These students have no morals and are destroying the fabric of our country. They go off to school and smoke weed thinking it is cool. This makes them lazy and not want to work or help support society. This is ruining everything and is dumbing the young people down, making them susceptible to the evil socialist agenda for their lives.
University is also destroying the morals of our perfect society. God said that sex was to only occur in marriage between a man and a woman. Many of these students aren’t even planning to get married and are fighting nature by using the evil birth control. This is undermining the foundation of our country and destroying the institution of marriage and all its morals. When they aren’t ruining each other, they are at home using the uncensored internet to look at porn and masturbate destroying their future and making themselves unmarriageable. University is the cause of this, by demoralizing our young people through premarital sex and the scourge of encouraging alternative relationships.
At this point it is clear the university is nothing but a giant scam to make our children more left wing and support the socialist agenda. These people have no remorse and will do anything to swing the people to their twisted demonic beliefs. These people support planned parenthood and the murder of millions of Americans each year for their sick pleasure and monetary gain. These people are clearly agents of the devil trying to ensnare our young people through the guise of a higher education and the evil idea of free thought.
There is an easy solution to help prevent any further damage from the scourge of university. Get rid of subsidies for tuition and get rid of government support for lazy students. The government should privatise all these demonic arts universities to not have our illegal taxes going into funding these corrupting institutions. The government should stop funding all these arts programs and use the money to support those who need it, the future job creators in the business department. These people deserve their tax break on the BMWs and Brooks Brothers suits that help them create jobs and make our country great again.