Grad student hunger games


The School of Graduate Studies has made an announcement of a new and unique way of dealing with the problem of many graduate students constantly vying for the attention of their supervisor. All new graduate students looking to receive attention from their supervisor will be entered into the Supervisor Games where they will fight to the death on Queen’s campus in order to win a single 1 hour sit down slot with their supervisor to discuss what the hell is going on with their thesis. “ For far too long professors have had to be hassled by Masters and PhD students. They leave them notes, emails, messages, and threats in an effort to arrange meetings and it needs to stop. Some of these professors have more than 12 students… using this method we figure we can reduce the number to a much more manageable one.” The school of graduate studies said this their press release.

This method for making the professors lives easier is going to first be tried out in the Department of Geology and Geological Engineering with the students of Dr. Mark Diederichs. “The students have been very open to the idea. They all seem thrilled that they might get to sit down for one hour and discuss their thesis” said Mark Diederichs. We caught up with the students as they prepared for the fight on campus. The graduate students brandishing sharpened rock hammers and weaponized Jacob’s Staffs were gathering to be sent to the starting blocks all over Queen’s Campus. The ground rules have been established as follow:

Students must remain on Queen’s Campus at all times

No outside help can be accessed

Using outcrops as bait is strictly prohibited

Only rock hammers and Jacob’s Staffs can be used as weapons

BAC must be in excess of 0.10