Grey Numbers


I know that there has been a great deal of anger about the perceived injustice of this tragedy, and I can understand the sadness. However, I have something to say on this matter that I think will help. IF THE GOOD LORD WANTED YOU TO HAVE A COMEDY PAPER, YOU WOULD HAVE ONE! All this talk of death and resurrection is ridiculous! It’s sacrilegious! IT’S BLASPHEMOUS! Comedy is a thing of the devil! It is surrounded by hellfire and brimstone and is not to be touched! Laughter is an evil, vile thing and should be avoided at every cost. Thus, I propose an alternative to the sick and twisted opulence of Golden Words.
Grey Numbers. Allow me to give an example:
But grey. Uncoloured, uncontented, and completely safe from judgment. From now on, I believe that every piece of “humourous” popular entertainment should follow this example.  And may God rest your soul.