Guess how Trash Sci 17 Is! (Pretty Trash TBH)


As some of you may know, the graduating class of engineering is a group of individuals known as “Sci 17”. As you also might be aware- there is almost nothing great or even remotely good about us. Sure, some people are doing some pretty nice and cool things, but let me remind you all: we don’t have a year pres because everyone is too lazy to attend a council meeting every other week. Which, like, honestly? Kind of fair those things go on for a long ass time.

Here’s a list of people who rejected me when I asked them to run for year pres:
James P., James C., Ryley D. Logan B., Noah L, Sam D., Sam G., Sam A., Sam C., Sam M., Emily R., Leah P., and three nameless frosh,

Taylor S. also did not quit her position as EngSoc Pres in solidarity with our missing year pres. What’s up with that, Taylor? Are you trying to be great at your job? Not very Sci 17 of you.

The top candidate (read: only candidate) is one frosh named Seth who self nominated himself. (Not a joke- this is real). So thank goodness for Seth, Sci 20, for making sure Sci 17 didn’t fuck up their own year. Thanks Seth, you rock!

In addition to fucking up our own year executive, we have also ruined things for everyone in the Engineering Department. Hurray! Most notable ruinings included getting Beers on the Pier banned forever, and also making sure that Highland Games became extra, super safe and blocked off from us. We were wild animals that needed to be locked out of the dirt, and we will always remember being blackout drunk in the mud wrestling our friends in a non-homosexual way. Or maybe it was in a homosexual way, that’s fine too.