GW Tear-Able Content


Tear-able, terrible, gettit?

With a whole new set of untested editors, graphics artists, staff writers, and pizza delivery boys, Golden Words wants YOU to help give us a boost (God knows we need one after last year…). But since most of you can’t drag yourself out of bed by 2pm on a Sunday and/or your hangovers are too scary for you to come back to Clark again before Friday, we’ve created a simple poll for your feedback! (Guys, this is actually kind-of, somewhat for real. But not enough to get on the TIFR).

If you want to be normal, just check it off with that pen you’ve been chewing on while your algebra prof drones on and on. If you want to be unique, pull the Great Sword Excali-beer out of the rocks in Miller, and stab the unworthy choices, leaving only those which you prefer.

Either way, drop it off in our fancy pick-up boxes, located conveniently right beside you (assuming you haven’t moved in the last half hour. If you did take the paper somewhere else, just go back to one of our distribution areas, and you should find one).

We even got it started for you!

Name: Anonymous   Date: I don’t give a duck

Intelligence level:

[  ] Hey, I’m at Queen’s, ain’t I?

[  ] Watch for me in MacLean’s.

[  ] Watch for me in the US version of MacLean’s.

[  ] <- this box looked lonely and I felt bad.

What would you like more of in GW?

(check all that apply)

[  ] Editors’ faces.

[  ] Hippopotamuses (hippopotami?).

[  ] Editors’ faces on hippopotamuses.

[  ] Doors.

[  ] Hangover cures.

[  ] Drinking advice (must be above 19 years old).

[  ] Love advice (must be above 25 years old or with your mother’s permission).

[  ] Other advice.

[  ] Advice on how to give advice.

[  ] Actual food (not just pictures).

[  ] Actual goats.

[  ] Actual goat food.

[  ] Poetry.

[  ] I only use this paper to clean up vomit (Eds. note, please see “Hangover cures” above).

[  ] Other:________________

[  ] I hate humour in all forms.