has anyone seen my jacket?


Has anyone seen my jacket? I had it at stages last night. If anyone maybe took it please msg me it is cold and I dont have another one ahah. It is a black northface bomber and it says “Jamie” in silver sharpie on the tag. Last seen in coatcheck (also I put it in the corner by one of the booths). Please if you see it or accidentally have it pleases contact me thanks!!

I lost a student card somewhere between my house, Garrett st. and somewhere inside stages last night. Please I need it for an exam I am writing late ahah and I’d really appreciate getting it back! It says my name on it (Jamie) and is red yellow and blue. Possibly in my jacket (black northface bomber with my name in it) Also lost was a Wallet, leather, black, last seen inside the black northface bomber (silver sharpie on the tag says Jamie). Student card is probably inside the wallet along with @Sam Schumer’s ID and some money (you can keep the money no questions asked I just want my stuff back!!). Please if you see it or anything DM me I really need this thanks!! 🙂 

Hey guys I know its probably gone but if anyone sees a rose-gold iphone 6S please message me! I lost some stuff at stages last night and Im trying to get it back. Background is of me and @sam schumer. FindmyIphone says its somewhere in Napanee but I lost it at stages in my black northface bomber so if anyone took it by accident just send me a dm and we can me up! No questions asked ahaha.

Hi guys if anyone sees a toddler I lost it at stages last night and I’m trying to find it. 3 years old not that tall, says “Jamie” in silver sharpie on its forehead. I know its probably a long shot but if anyone sees it or accidentally took it please let me know! Its not mine I was borrowing it from a freind lol and they really need it back now so please message me if anyone finds it! No questions asked ahah.

Hey everyone. Last night I was at stages and this morning I couldn’t find my class ANAT101 on solus? Is anyone else having this problem? If anyone sees anat101 I really need it to graduate so please dm me if you know anything!! Also I cant find my black northface bomber and its pretty cold out here (locked outside my house Ion have my keys lol but wifi still works on my laptop hahah) so if you see that too let me know!!

Hi guys I made a groupchat for people who lost their shit at stages last night. If anyone sees the invite to the groupchat or accidentally got it please let me know! I think I sent the invite out this morning somewhere between biosci and dunning. No questions asked ahah im just trying to graduate!