Hoco Tickets Line Diary


This past Wednesday I was one of the several thousand Queen’s students who lined up in the wee hours of the morning to secure a homecoming ticket. Never minding the fact that I would later give my ticket away because no one I knew got one, here is a breakdown of events in the lineup:
4:30 – Alarm goes off. Groan
4:45 – Housemate tells me to get the fuck up.
4:50 – As we’re leaving the house, mention to housemate that we’ll be waiting for about an hour. He thought that the doors opened at 5am and not 6am, proceeds to pussy out and go back to bed. Proceed alone to the ARC.
4:57- JK, line is out onto Division Street
4:58 – Double JK, line is onto Goddamn Union Street
4:59 – get in line.
5:15 – start studying for my midterm, which starts in 3 hours
5:16 – rain starts, put books away
5:28 – feel miserable
5:31 – notice half-eaten pizza in a box on the ground in front of the PEC. Seriously contemplate about eating it, other people in line talk me out of it. Losers. Even though it was soggy, bet it was delicious.
5:44 – run out of data on my phone.
5:49 – I am informed that the line has, in fact looped all the way back up University all the way to William. Laugh at the people who are stuck back there – what a bunch of idiots standing in a line that long. I bet there will still be tickets at 9am!
5:50 – self awareness of irony of previous statement.
5:55 – line starts moving. Guess the ARC people were feeling generous.
6:02 – wow, we’re already at the Kin building! This is going a lot faster than last years
6:03 – full stop
6:09 – my housemate from before comes by as the line gets moving again.
6:14 – Said housemate gives up a second time, says this is taking to long and bails.
6:17 – Holy shit, we’re around the corner onto Earl! We’re gonna make it!
6:30 – Home stretch now, boys and girls! We’ve reached the ARC…and wow is there a long stretch that leads up to the doors off of Earl. Im a little bit crushed.
6:41 – Get ticket. Its very anticlimactic. Go to the Golden Words newsstand, and there’s not even any out yet. What the hell, distro? (Just kidding, I love you distro)
6:47 – Get home. No time to sleep because of that midterm.
Saturday, 1pm – I’m drinking with a bunch of friends at a house party and completely forgot about how much time I spent getting that meaningless ticket.