Homosexual Office Affair Lauded as Progressive


Social walls were broken last week as Smith and Company employees Stephen Jeffries and Noam De Sousa engaged in a passionate extramarital office affair. Jeffries and De Sousa, both husbands with loving wives and three children were praised in a ceremony to commemorate their courage and bravery. “First the supreme court ruling this summer, and now this,” stated CEO of Smith and Co, Christopher Smith, “I’m so happy that homosexuals are now entitled to destroy their families’ livelihoods and cause years of emotional pain, just like heterosexual families.”
We caught up with Jeffries after the ceremony. “I’ve never felt more comfortable,” stated the logistics manager of the company, “Never has destroying the moral fibres of my marriage in the name of social progress felt so good. I am literally a Bernie Sanders of myself.” Jeffries went on to say how excited he is to later fall out of love with De Sousa while enduring a painful and messy divorce with his own cuckolded wife, just like straight couples have been doing for years. 
This affair has sparked a pandemic of office affairs across the nation. People are inspired to be comfortable in their own skin, and become the same liars and cheaters as their heterosexual counterparts. This has also sparked a spinoff for a new website “Alex Madison” which connects people who are looking to have their own nontraditional office affairs of their own. “What a time to be alive,” commented De Sousa.
It is unclear as to what the future of this affair is. However, we are on the cutting edge of social progress, and have nowhere to go but forward. In a time of a corrupt societal moral compass, it is refreshing to know that everyone, regardless of colour or creed, religion or sexual orientation, can be a shit guy.