How to Become a VSCO Girl in 6 Simple Steps


Follow these super simple tried and true hacks to become a certified VSCO Girl™ . 



  • Be white. Self-explanatory. 
  • Have an inherent need to save the turtles but have absolutely no self awareness.  Using reusable water bottles and straws is a must!  But like who cares about where our brand name clothes come from. 
  • Buy 150 scrunchies that have definitely been made by children in Bangladesh.  Because all VSCO girls need to have an endless supply of scrunchies to give away.
  • Buy faux-vintage from only Brandy Melville and H&M.  Because actually buying 2nd hand is gross, like somebody wore that.  And also, one size fits all from BM has to fit you, or you can’t be a true VSCO girl.
  • Spend all your hours in the sun for that perfect sun kissed glow.  Also make sure to keep your skin dewy af with overpriced face-water. 
  • Own a Hydroflask™.  Because Klean Kanteen™, YETI™ , and Nalgene™ just aren’t good enough. 



There you go, you are now a true VSCO girl. 



Please actually cut out single use plastic.  Making the switch to reusable containers (tupperware, reusable waterbottles, metal straws) is suuuucchhhh a power move.  Be a cool cat and save the planet. Thrifting is also the shit, good for your wallet and the planet.