Registering for election is not a complicated process though it may seem daunting. Unless you’ve recently had trouble spelling your own name and remembering the postal code for the address you plan to vote in you should do just fine. Remember that you can either vote in Kingston in the Islands or where you live at home (our demographics department tells us that you live in Toronto). But for those of you who want a little support on the way to becoming an active member of the political process, we’ve compiled a handy 3 step process
1. Get off your ass
Now this one is really difficult but it can be accomplished with some effort and basic coordination. If you’re in a sitting position, make sure your feet are planted flat on the floor, then move your torso forward in a fluid motion using your abdominal muscles while simultaneously swinging your arms forward to carry your body forward. Contract your quadriceps muscles while straightening your back and voila, you’re off your ass. If you’re currently lying down, I’m afraid you’re beyond our help and will likely die there.
2. Make sure you’ve bought milk
Walk to your fridge and check it for milk. You should always have milk before you do anything. If you don’t have milk in your fridge check your kitchen because you might have forgotten to put it back in your fridge. If you still don’t have milk, we suggest you visit your nearest supermarket and buy it and then start again from step 1.
If you’ve never seen milk here is a picture of milk on the side. Also you should start buying milk.
 This message was not brought to you by the Dairy Farmer’s Association of Canada
3.  This is the most important step 
Now that you’ve completed our comprehensive guide you have literally no excuse not to get ready to vote.