How to Watch Game of Thrones and Not Get Confused


So I’ve started watching GOT (yes I’m late to the game) and so far I’m not sure what all the hype is about. I am only at the beginning of season 3 and it is exciting but a lot of it just confuses me. I will be writing this article during my adventure of watching this show and will be updating my tactics of how not to be confused as fuck the whole time as I go along.


Seasons 1 and 2

So I’m done season 2 and so far I don’t know anyone’s names except Jon Snow and some of the Stark Kids. Oh wait Jon is a stark kid. Ugh I’m bad at this. My first tip is definitely to google all characters (roughly 3500), print their faces, write their names with a rough guess of the spelling, and tape them all over your wall in your room. And yes, they will cover your entire walls. This will help you stay updated on who is who and kind of give you a glimpse into what the fuck is happening. Also don’t get attached to any characters that you think will stay a long time on the show. RIP _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _.


Seasons 3 and 4

Just finished season 4 and boy I’ve got some amazing tips for you!! So what I’ve learned from these seasons is that you do get to learn the characters and start to get attached to their story lines and some of them are amazing. What I have learned, and therefore am passing on the knowledge to you, is getting drunk to watch this show is not a good idea. Missing like half an episode because you’re drunk and getting distracted and snapping your friends and typing regretful texts to people really takes a toll on your understanding of what the fuck is happening. On another note the red wedding wasn’t as hype as I thought but at the same time was hype af.


Seasons 5 and 6

I personally loved these seasons. Mostly because I started drinking more water as I drank while watching the show. Y’know? Like that one drink per hour trick, or that every second drink is water trick? It works. With my revolutionary new drinking techniques, I was finally able to focus on what was happening.


Seasons 7 and 8

Put on a blindfold, mute your laptop, and press play.


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