Hype Ways to Promote Your Mixtape as a Student Rapper


You know that your mixtape is straight fire. ‘The fam’ knows that your mixtape is fire. Your dad would probably know that your mixtape is straight fire if he didn’t walk out on you when you were three. The fire department (who was called eight times when you were in the studio)  knows that your mixtape is fire. Now you got to get it out there. The problem is that you can only vandalize private property by spray painting your mixtape on the side of campus buildings so many times. You need a better way to get it out there. The issue is that you’re also a student and need a way to balance. Don’t worry, Golden Word’s gotchu covered. I now present the top ten ways to drop your mixtape.


  1. During your fluids lecture, go up and steal your professor’s microphone and say ‘I’m going to drop some turbulent flows for these laminar hoes’. Proceed to drop mad 16s.
  2. Sneak into the ARC Tim Horton’s and replace each winning ‘Roll up the Rim’ item with your mixtape. Also replace every losing ‘Roll up the Rim’ item with your mixtape. Replace everything with your mixtape.
  3. During your differential equations lecture, offer to go up to the board and solve the equation. No matter the question, end it off with ‘mixtape=fire’ and then a link to your soundcloud. Q.E.D, motherfuckers.
  4. Since you probably work at McDonalds, replace every single happy meal toy with your mixtape. Since people exclusively under the age of six will be listening to this, you can be sure to have a solid support for the next years.
  5. Post in Overheard at Queen’s. Start about how you were objectified on the way home from stages by two intoxicated individuals. Slowly start dropping lines from your feature track. At the end of the post, post a link to your soundcloud followed by a ‘Cha Gheill’.
  6. Write a Golden Words article promoting your mixtape. Start it off as an article that outlines obscure ways to promote your mixtape, when in actuality it is just different ways you have tried to promote your mixtape. End it off with a link to your soundcloud and nothing else.