I don’t need other people to think I’m funny


I don’t need other people to think I’m funny. I think I’m funny and my humour appreciation towards my jokes is enough for me. A snide comment under my breath is just loud enough to reach my ears and for me to chuckle quietly at the sweet sarcastic sound of my voice. If you’re wondering how I handle the critics (my housemates) when they roll their eyes when I laugh at my own puns, here’s the secret: Ignore the haters. Be free. B urself. Chill the ef out and do u. If you’re reading this, (it’s too late-LOL), you’re probably roughly 20 and at University; this is prime self-discovery time. It’s time to find out what jokes you appreciate in life, and what you need to be happy. Check out Buzzfeed’s ‘What Type of Sense of Humor Do You Have’ to help figure your life out. For me personally, I thrive off of slightly clever situational humour, generally self-provided. So what? I’m doing me, and me is hilarious. Writing for Golden Words is hard, there is so much pressure to be funny. So far though I am doing ok and am glad to report that the pressure to be funny is not inhibiting my natural jokes self at all. At all… I don’t feel judged or threatened by the other staff at Golden Words, not even when Sam tells me ‘you’re not funny your article sucks’. Sam thinks he’s funny. He is funny, to himself. Ha. Take that, boss. Moving forward with this article, being funny is very important for everyday activities. Did you pick up a girl at a party? Are you paying for your groceries and can’t find your wallet? Did you forget your pants at home? All situations where great humor can come in handy. Another great reason as to why you need to like your own sense of humor is that sometimes, people just start being annoying. They talk and talk, about things you don’t care about, but hey! You have your sense of humor to distract you from the boredom closing in on you. For example, the following comment was made by Alex today: ‘Who spelled polotics with two ‘O’s?’ And WHAM, my internal sense of humor kicks in and it makes fun of the tone of voice in which this comment was made. Such passion. Such disgust. You go, spelling police. As a disclosure, I like Alex, you go Alex. Making me laugh. This leads me into the benefits of laughing everyday:
Laughter is attractive, so get on that friends
Laughing helps you sleep
Laughing helps your immune system
Laughing helps you succeed at math
So there you have it. My message to you this week is laugh lots, don’t let others get you down (Sam), love your jokes and yourself.