I Scared Fort Fright


Last night I went for a run. After 18km, I was feeling good, so I decided to go for a few more kilometers. Normally, I would run around the campus at RMC; however, due to the tragic events in Ottawa last week, the gates at RMC were locked and I couldn’t run there. I decided to go to Fort Henry. As I got to the top of the hill, I saw eerie lights coming out of the top of the fort. It was Fort Fright! Since I was there anyways, I decided to to see if they could scare.
Inside, the fort was teeming with zombie soldiers and ghosts of deceased military personnel. I expected them to scare me or haunt me, but instead, they flocked away from me. This wasn’t good at all! This wasn’t worth my money at all! I rounded a corner and ended up face-to-headless neck to with a gunner who had taken a cannonball to the face. Before I had a chance to think, I heard a scream, presumably from myself. But then I realized, that no, I hadn’t screamed. I was still standing there calmly, but the headless gunner was nowhere to be seen. But it couldn’t have been him who screamed – he didn’t even have head! There was no one else in the room though, so I assumed that it must have been the walls that screamed. This place sure was creepy. I continued on, hoping that something might be able to scare me, but every time I got close to any of the scare actors, they screamed and fled from me.
Several minutes later a woman in formal clothes came up to me and told me that I had to leave. She told me that I had been scaring their staff and it wasn’t acceptable. “What!? I’ve been scaring them? They’re supposed to scare me!” I said incredulously. “You smell horrible. You smell undead. You smell worse than our people look like they should smell. That’s not how people want to be scared, so you will have to leave.” And that was when I learned – I should probably shower after I run.