I’m Edgy and My Mom Agrees: A Quality Opinion Article


Yo, I’m out here trying to make an honest living and I just wanted to tell you guys that I’m edgy. Yep, you friggin’ heard me, I’m the edgiest edgy person I know. I have a nose piercing. Other girls might have nose piercings, but they aren’t edgy like me and my nose piercing. I’m a hardcore lady. I own 17 Nirvana shirts in varying shades of black because I love variety and Nirvana is the singer of my spirit. Nirvana was the edgiest man in the world, and I am #blessed to be basking in the shadow of his legacy. 
I am also super into Satin. Satin flippin’ RULEZ. The dark lord will save us allllll, lol. I got into Satin when I was really young. I was just drawin’ stars and shizz all over my binders and my Sunday School teach FLIPPED and was like “Child of Satin!!”, and I was like heck yeah I am. So that’s how we ended up here. 
I guess my biggest dream is to own a bearded lizard and date a guy who wears face paint on a semi regular basis. I would name my lizard “Garbage Can” and my FBF (future BF) would call me his little butternut squash. I will work as the front desk girl in a tattoo parlour and that will be my life. As you can see, it’s totally edgy. I told my mom even and she’s totally supportive of it. She’s like, “this is a phase you’ll grow out of,” and, “when you become an adult you’ll see why this isn’t feasible,” and a bunch of other supportive junk. Love my mom!