Iron Man Arrested at Border After Refusing to Pay New Tariffs


Yesterday evening Billionaire Tony Stark was arrested at the Canada/USA Border after refusing to pay taxes imposed by the neighbouring countries on aluminum and steel. Canadian officials instructed him to pay a 25% tariff on his arsenal of metal exosuits, estimated at a worth exceeding $250 million. When Stark complained that his suits were made out of a nickel-titanium alloy rather than aluminum and steel, Constable Vickers instructed officers to “clap him in irons”, however not before chuckling at his own joke.

Stark is not alone in the celebrities being held up at the border. Among others, Fashion Model and philanthropist Derek Zoolander was forced to pay taxes on his signature look “Blue Steel”.

In particular, the music industry has been hit hard by the stringent new rules. Metallica, Iron Maiden, and even Steeley Dan were detained briefly, before agreeing to pay the tariff into Canada. Similarly, Nickelback had to pay 25% of 5 cents to enter The United States.