It’s Not a Cartoon, It’s ANIME


I am sick and tired of the normies in society constantly making this mistake, and I am here to make sure you understand the difference. On one hand you have cartoons – shittly drawn episodes with no plot or backbone to string the whole debacle together. They’re held up by stupid morals like “sharing is considerate” or “listen to your parents because they love you” or “capitalism is the backbone of society” and other fru-fru and fluffy crap that is meant to brainwash the youth of today. The world doesn’t need more dogs and boys on quests – it needs anime.
Anime is fantastic because it teaches you about the world as you watch. You learn something new every episode! You discover the core of Japanese culture – which is necessary if you’re ever going to live there. How will you disguise how blatantly White and Canadian you really are if you don’t know what “kawaii” or “hentai” actually mean?! I mean, all I’ve ever wanted in my whole life is for senpai to notice me, and I bet you don’t even know who sepai is, you baka. Speaking of senpai – he really is the best. You probably want to know who senpai is – but I can’t tell you. I don’t even really know myself, but all I can say is that you need to get him to notice you and you need to do it, like, yesterday. These values have really defined me as a weeaboo – a title and prestige I take very seriously that has absolutely zero negative side effects. Even my life sized pillow husband agrees that this lifestyle has changed my productivity and personality!
I guess the best thing anime has done for me is to help awaken my sexuality. Now I have the exact blueprint of what I want in a man – blonde hair, blue eyes, fangs for teeth, and an overwhelming desire to become the sixth hokage of the Leaf Village. I like men who have passion and drive, and I would never known that I am attracted to half-demon, half-human men if I hadn’t started to watch anime. Thanks anime!