Kathleen Wynne Confirms Grocery Checkout to Sell Beer


The Premier’s office confirmed Saturday that Grocery Checkout will be included under new legislation permitting the sale of beer in grocery stores. The premier stated, “for too long Queen’s students have had to walk to the ghetto to get beer and food. We are hoping this will help ease the hardships facing the modern student.” The Checkout has been estimated to be in a very high demand location for alcohol sales, which would bring in millions in revenue to balance the provincial budget. Queen’s students have reacted positively to the announcement, one engineer commenting, “Wynne has made getting sloshed simple,” and another stating, “you can stay drunk without having to walk as far.” Yet there have been complaints from some students. An Arts ‘19 said “I like can’t get my Raspberry Ice so, like, what is the point, like, yeah?” The Queen’s Senate has raised concern over the sale of alcohol on the campus citing “problematic behaviour of students” and “wanting the money to be given to them.”