Kawhi Leonard Spotted Manning a Trebuchet in Toronto


This Thursday, Kawhi Leonard was seen in Toronto loading a 400kg mass onto a medieval trebuchet. Pundits and critics alike can only speculate whether this might mean Leonard stays with the Raptors for another season.

Torontonians in the area were quick to snap pictures of the MVP in public. Raptors fan since May, Tony Bappy, told Golden Words that the trebuchet was a definite sign Leonard planned to leave. “First, I thought is there anything more Canadian than loading a 400kg mass onto a medieval trebuchet?” Said Bappy. “So I was pretty sure he’d stay. But THEN, I thought a little harder, and realized he was probably testing the trebuchet, to launch himself to the LA Clippers. So I’m pretty sure he’s gonna leave”.

In the end, fans can only guess what the trebuchet could mean for the future of Kawhi Leonard and the Raptors.