Kingston Bat Decides to Rent Single Apartment in Brock Towers after 3rd Removal


After being removed from a third student house this winter, a local Kingston bat has decided it’s time he finally “got the message” and find a place for himself.

“After the first time, I was sorta glad the guys wrapped my in a blanket and threw me out into the harsh Ontario winter,” the bat said, “There was a lot of drama going on in that place and it was honestly getting a bit much. They kept on having darties which messed with my sleep schedule so it was a relief to be looking for some new housemates.”

“The second time hurt a bit, the girls were super nice a respectful but I guess Sarah wasn’t okay with sharing her peanut butter with a flying rodent, that’s just the way things are sometimes. Then at my last place  I came into the kitchen to ask if they could turn up the heat and these guys kept throwing pizza boxes and screaming at me! Can you believe it?!”

“Anyways, things are looking up, my new place at Brock Towers is pretty nice. Rents a bit pricey but hey, that’s what you gotta pay for a sweet bachelor pad, am I right?”