Konspiracy Korner: Jet Fuel Can’t Melt Wood Blocks


In the Western World, we tend to take our freedom for granted. We like to think that we’ve never had it better and that we are living in the peak of human civilization. But what if I told you all of that was a lie? A well constructed lie that has been forced upon the American people by their government to cover up the ugly truth – that we exist as only pawns in their game of self-interest and greed and that they will do anything to maintain that power and control.  That’s right – there is a conspiracy within the US government to make you think that on September 11th, 2001, the World Trade Centre in New Jenga City – one of the enduring symbols of capitalism and Jenga-based architecture – was brought down as the result of terrorists from the arab world using commercial aircraft. But the truth is, infact, much more terrifying. 
All you have to do is look at the facts – namely that burning jet fuel could NOT in fact, create enough heat to melt the wooden blocks at the heart of the North and South Towers that fateful September morn. The science simply does not support it. The blocks couldn’t possibly have melted: because wood burns and fire only happens with oxygen. How could the inside of a block of wood catch on fire then, oxygen can’t pass through wood! No, the collapse could only have been triggered by carefully placed explosions that, when key blocks were removed near the centre and bottom layers of the towers, could they actually topple. And those charges could ONLY have been planted by the United States government, acting in the interests of George Bush and Dick Cheney. 
But why would they do this? The answer becomes all too clear when you look at what happened two years later – in March 2003, the United States invades Iraq. The public was once again lied to by the government and the media. They were TOLD that this was to dispose Saddam Hussein’s brutal regime. But in fact, it was all for blocks. Iraq has some of the largest reserves of wooden blocks in the world – the very blocks that were toppled in NJC on 9/11. The irony is incredible. But of course, thats what happens when your economy is completely Jenga-dependant. Its a system too big to fail.They wanted those blocks and wanted them now, so they needed to construct a ruse that would allow Americans to send their sons and daughters overseas in the thousands, putting their lives on the line to fight to obtain those blocks. And sure, we got them. But like a Jenga tower after about ten minutes or so, the region is now more unstable as ever. 
This lying from the government is nothing new. They don’t care who they hurt to get their cause. They assinated Jenga F. Kennedy in Dallas that day in 1963. They couldn’t build rockets out of Jenga blocks fast enough, so they faked the moon landing. And even when that great Jenga market economy collapsed in 2008, they had no problem bailing all the big banks – who hold way too many blocks than the rest of the American population. This inequality cannot last. We the people of this country need to rise up and ensure there is enough Jenga pieces to go around – a tower for every man, woman and child. Let us not forget the words of Dr. King – “I have a dream! Where a man is not judged by the colour of his skin but by the size of his jenga tower!” A dream worth emulating, indeed.