Leah’s Ed LARPing Rebrand: Daytime TV


Hellooooo ladies! Haha I address the ladies first because as a woman it’s funny to adopt the habits of old creepy men. Some other things I like are arguing people’s ages on Omegle, being alone a lot and not understanding the right steps to make real human connection. Anyway here’s the thing guys, I know you expect me to always be delivering these activist-vegan TED-talk editorials that change your view on the world, and you expected RIGHT! Today I want to rebrand an old niche-market game to open it up to general population. LARPing, Daytime TV edition.

“A live action role-playing game (LARP) is a form of role-playing game where the participants physically act out their characters’ actions. The players pursue goals within a fictional setting represented by the real world while interacting with each other in character.”- I did the Google search for you. I know what you are thinking: how can you possibly rebrand this nerd-geek-nerd game for us cool hot un-nerdy girls? Daytime TV. I’m talking Keeping up with the Kardashians, Say Yes to the Dress, Jersey Shore, 16 and Pregnant and Dance Moms.

Hahah what a zany idea, you must be thinking, what a kooky-crazy girl you are Leah. But why in this crazy little world can’t we have it this way? For starters, I would just love to do a Bachelorette LARP. We would meet in a park somewhere, and it would just me, 30 guys (9’s and 10’s only), and they would all compete for my hand in engagement over 8 weeks in real time. Over time I would eliminate them one by one based on our on-screen compatibility, the number of twitter followers, and the amount of inter-group turmoil they cause. If he yells and picks fights, he’s making it far this season. If he cries due to a lost family member and you really feel connected because of his on screen vulnerability, he’s making it far this season. Eventually it would boil down to my one true love, and then we would leave the park and try to make our relationship work in the real world but things probably wouldn’t work out because he was really only chosen off of how he looks in a tight white T and a cardigan.

I’d also love to try a Cory in the House LARP, mostly because it’s my favorite anime. Some friends and I would run around the White House, get into crazy adventures and at the end of the day, we would have to fix things by unravelling an underlying moral and maybe even just learn a thing or two about ourselves. Speaking of Cory in the House, here’s another big idea I have (wow Leah what a creative and innovative person you are beyond this weird newspaper – that sure is an applicable skill set for your career pursuit in Engineering! Thanks!) so please send this huge pitch to @hollywood or whatever : A Cory in the House and That’s so Raven crossover episode set in 2016 in the White House and Raven’s secret has been exposed so she is summoned by the President (who is obviously supposed to be Barack Obama but they don’t say it) to predict who the winner of the election will be. Her prediction will throw the whole gang into a whirlwind of craaaazy adventures and they will do their best to stop it from coming true. But in the end, they learn that if the American people want to elect a noisy Cheeto as the next president, then a noisy Cheeto is what they truly deserve.

So anyways though, my Vine isn’t taking off as well as I was hoping. I just wish for once you guys would just let me have this. Honestly. Vine-ing is the only thing I can do that lasts for more than 6 seconds. Hahah oooh got you with a crisp sex joke! For more hot steamy action follow me on Vine @QueenLearBBGurl.