Lesson from Winter, That Bitch


‘tis another lovely morning in the most lovable season, the season of Christmas, snowman, Frozen, and all other adorable things in the world. I woke up at 2 p.m., greeting yet another bright new day, with everything covered in that sacredly pure white… Wait, fuck! No! Ow what the! It’s fucking raining outside! This is just wrong. Where am I? Vancouver?

As I dragged my wet stinky boots through the millions of pools, swamps and slippery ice traps toward the temple of Golden Words, I still could not ease my rage. How could you do this to me? Winter, you little bitch, meanest and most heartbreaking ho in Kingston! After I’ve sacrificed so much for you! See I almost lost an arm just to greet you in my beautiful summer clothes, but you can’t even embrace me with that warm, fat, white snow layer of yours? I still wanna build a snowman on my first day of school. Now what am I gonna build? Rainman?!

I soon came to the conclusion that I am basically fucked, not just by Kingston’s Winter, that bitch, but everything. This is probably telling me to just forget about all the New Year Resolutions and stuff but continue to be straightly fucked up this year. Right, that was a good enlightenment. Fuck it, sleeping’s better than writing for Golden Words, I’ma goin’ back to bed.