Life Disconnected


Due to a clerical error, my house’s internet was disconnected last year. We were all too lazy to call Cogeco to reopen our account. This is my journal of life without internet.
Month 1. This isn’t so bad. It’s really hard to procrasterbate without the internet. This could actually be a good thing.
Month 2. I miss buzzfeed. I am sad.
Month 3. My nights are so empty without Netflix…
Month 4. Still haven’t paid student fees because I can’t access Solus. Shit.
Month 5. Found new way to procrastinate. Instead of using the internet, I just stare at the wall for 6 hours straight. Somehow it is still better than doing work.
Month 6. Failing all my courses because I haven’t been submitting my assignments on moodle.
Month 7. Missing all of my friends’ birthdays because I don’t have access to facebook.
Month 8. OMG OPEN WIFI NETWORK! Thank you Hotel B. for your naivete.
Month 9. H.B is sketching out all the time. Life has become a struggle of trying to place my laptop as close to the window as possible to achieve network connection.
Month 10. H.B. has gotten really slow lately because everyone on the street is stealing wifi from them. I now spend every night at my girlfriends house because she has high speed broadband internet.
Month 11. Housemates finally tired of having to live at the ILC just so they can send emails. We are getting Teksavvy on Tuesday. Hallelujah to the internet gods!