Life of a Third Wheel


I got tagged in a picture at Stages on Facebook. Said picture was of my housemate and her boyfriend gazing at each other over my head, because I was sandwiched between them. Pretty much a family portrait with me as the child. Came home and hung out in my housemate’s bed and watched a movie. With her and her boyfriend. I did the same thing the next night with my other housemate. 
After the Grease Pole last week, I crawled out of bed and got a text from my friends: ‘Come to sushi!!’ I wasn’t hungry but I figured I should go out into the world. Got to Jina Sushi and sat on the side of an awkward two person table between both my friends who are dating. And I didn’t order anything so I pretty much watched them go on a date. 
Right before Beer Olympics started last night my partner bailed on me. No worries though because one of my friends immediately stated ‘You can be with me and my boyfriend, we’ll be a team of three’. Preed at my house- with my three housemates and their three boyfriends. Does this make me a third wheel? A fifth wheel? A seventh wheel? I don’t even know at this point. After this particular pre, housemates and boyfriends and myself went out. Boyfried #1 patted my head and said he liked my shirt. Boyfriend #2 tried to set me up with his friend. Boyfriend #3 grabbed my hip by accident instead of my housemate’s. 
To anyone going through life as a third wheel, I feel your fkn pain. But hey at least neither of us has to share a bed with anyone.