Local Misogynist Open To Giving Ronda Rousey A Pass


During their weekly gathering at  The Brass on Friday, local misogynist Glenn Ackerman admitted to his male friends that he was beginning to open up on the idea that UFC fighter Ronda Rousey could be an exception to his typical view of women.
“Ya know, that broad could certainly kick my ass” said Ackerman to his gathered brethren of backwards, patriarchal friends whilst glancing up at the SportsCentre report on the big-screen TV. “She’s tough, I’ll give you that” he added as he poured himself another glass from the communal pitcher of Bud Light. 
“Fuck, yeah probably,” chimed in table-mate and fellow neanderthal Fred Williams. 
Witnesses reported that in between bites of hot wings that were so spicy they were only being consumed so that none of them looked like a pussy, ‘Ack-attack’ continued to compliment the undefeated mixed martial arts champion on her 1st round knockout win in UFC 190, despite the fact that “my wife wouldn’t shut her clam during the entire thing.”
“Fucking women” added Williams, almost instinctually. 
“I mean, not that she shouldn’t eventually find some guy to settle down with and figure out how to cook a decent meal, but for the time being she’s pretty badass” said Ackerman, before the group nodded in approval and continued eating in silence while shooting disapproving glares at a table of women happily talking nearby.
“She’s got really nice tits too” Ackerman finally said, leading the group into a 10 minute conversation about the 1st and only UFC Bantamweight Champion’s physical assets. At press time, sources report the table toasted to the “fuckability” of the entire Canadian Women’s Soccer Team.