Local Student Surprised to Learn Underrated Acquaintance Also Listens to Chance the Rapper


At a local party celebrating Katie’s birthday, Jacob Roberts came to discover that his acquaintance, Max Russell also listens to Chance the Rapper. Known to Roberts through a Political Science tutorial from first year, the two third years quickly gained a newfound respect for one another for listening to what Russell called “a suuuuuper underrated gem” and “a great guy”, continuing to note that, “a buddy of mine’s older brother ran a music festival in Boston that he headlined and apparently he’s super chill from their 5 second interaction”.

In an opportune moment, Roberts found himself in charge of the AUX cable and as a result the music in the party. Tons of people lined the walls of the room, drinking beers and other beverages from red solo cups and looking for a good time. A discoball and free posters from the Sidewalk Sale lined the house as decor. Loading up his “LIT PARTIES WHEW” playlist, Roberts expected for the night to go on excellently. As the first song went on, “All Night by Chance the Rapper”, an intrigued Russell approached Roberts and complimented him on his musical choice. “Hey man”, Russell initiated. “That’s some good music, have you ever heard his verse on Ultralight Beam? I’m gonna hit up his concert at TD Echo Beach if my cousin Vinnie can get his mom’s Amex for line skip.”

Roberts replied, quite taken aback: “I thought I was the only one that liked Chance at Queen’s! In fact, Hip Hop at Undies seemed like a very risky choice but I found myself near some like-minded individuals who also frequent r/hiphopheads. I call him Chano since I FUCK.”

As the two danced to the song, witnesses reported seeing them jerking each other off and finishing on a poster of Chance from the cover of Colouring Book that was already at the party. Reportedly, they left the party to ascend to a level of unsurpassed douchebaggery, going into the sunset to get knock off merch.