Local Student Troubled by Lack of Sleep in Class


Arts Students Remain as Well Rested as Ever

Frustrated by the increasing pressures of school as the semester comes to a close before exam season, local third year Biology Student Grace Harding tells Golden Words that it’s getting harder and harder for her to sleep in class. “This seems to happen every year, but this time around it’s a lot worse. Most weekdays I only sleep in class for one, two hours max” said Harding, adding “I think it’s contributing to a lot of the stress in my life lately.”
With a demanding schedule of 35 hours a week of potential naps, dozes, and nod-offs in a diverse smattering of lecture halls and seminar rooms, Harding was eager to capitalize on these opportunities early in semester. However a number of factors beginning in middterm season has extremely limited these chances. 
“At least once a class, just as I think I’m about to finally catch some shut eye, I suddenly wake up as soon as the prof says something like ‘now this will be on the exam’ or ‘bla bla bla bellcurve’. One time, I jolted awake to the sound of my prof saying ‘Hey, you in the front row – pay attention!’ It was a nightmare.”
Many people close to her say that this disruption to her schedule has caused some changes to the behavior and personality of the their friend. “Back when Grace was sleeping in class more, she seemed far more refreshed and alert when it mattered, such as deciding between Throwback or Stage Rage on Thursday nights” commented housemate Veronica Nails. “You could always count on her to deliver, especially when she had the buffer of that 8:30am Friday lecture”
Golden Words has learned that Harding has broken from her usual, productive routine, of waking up every day at 7am, grabbing a bagel from Tims and a Golden Words before finding a comfortable spot at the back of her 8:30 class and getting some well-earned slumber until she starts hearing everyone start getting up to leave. “Yesterday, I stayed up for a whole lab. I practically ran out of there at the end, straight to the washroom to puke. I thought I was gonna die” she recalled with horror. At press time, Harding was spotted grabbing a Venti Americano from Starbucks before heading to the library to study. “She’s completely given up” said Nails. “Rest in Peace, Grace. You had a good run.”