MEA 2 Ideas for First Year Engineering Students


As all of us Eng frosh know (yes I am one as well), MEA1 has wrapped up and we are all totally confident in our code and our 20 plus page report! Right!? (No). Well to cheer you all up I have made a list of some great ideas for MEA2 that may give you all a good idea of what to choose for this project. Please email me at if you decide to use one. Here are some ideas:

• Sinusoidal nature of intercourse
• Waterproof teabags
• Fuckboi repellant
• Night vision sunglasses
• Function of Harambe’s popularity w.r.t. time
• Rate of change of the fucks you give in mod 1 w.r.t. time
• The Earth system
• Analysis of bone deflection during the act of masturbation
• Stress and strain on GPA during a slam
• Optimization of clothes to skin surface area ratios for female Halloween costumes
• Structural design of Isengard tower
• Most efficient walk of shame paths through campus
• Chronological timelines of Pulp Fiction, X-men, and Lost
• Force and energy analysis of a car being flipped
• How to fucking code holy shit
• The truth about the relationship between foot size and penis size
• Erasable permanent markers
• Vacuums that work in a vacuum
• Cost benefit analysis of not showing up to graphics lectures
• Airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow (both types)
• The cure for “for the boys” syndrome
• How to talk to a girl without her thinking you’re hitting on her
• How to hit on a girl without her knowing you just want to talk
• How to talk to a girl without her knowing you can’t talk
• How to not talk to a girl who you’re not talking to
• Basically anything pertaining to relatable humour and memes
• Dat booty

If you decide to choose other ideas, which you most likely won’t, I fully support that and totally will not get offended. May hell 2.0 be a pleasant ride for you all.