Mea 4: The Hard Shell v.s Soft Shell Taco


Problem Definition
People think soft shell tacos are better than hard shell tacos. This is false and incorrect. I can’t believe I even need to do this.

For this report we will be discussing the merits and demerits of the soft shell and hard shell taco. The taco shells in discussion will be of El Paso Kit. This does not include the Limited Time Only shells, Holiday Special shells, or any other bullshit variety shells that are not Classic El Paso Hard Shell or Classic El Paso Soft Shell.

It is the common misconception that you can have stake tacos. No, tacos are not here to hold your stake. They are not stake holders.

The most prominent constraint for this is that we can’t collect any data from participants who like soft shell tacos. These people are unstable, uneducated and honestly, pretty unlikeable. Otherwise this study will stop at nothing to uncover the best, most honest solution-no path unexplored no leaf unturned.

Information Summary
Tacos are food, everybody loves food, so therefore everybody loves tacos. Information was collected from places that aren’t Wikipedia.

Hard shells taste like nacho chips, soft shells taste like a damp napkin. If your biggest argument against a hard shell is that they “fall apart” then you’re inept at eating tacos and it isn’t my fault you’re a trash can. Even for the argument’s sake we say you’re a trash can, and this conversation is still going, if it falls apart on your plate now you just have a plate of nachos.

In Figure 1 we can see I opened MATLAB, but then I closed it. MATLAB doesn’t know a friggen thing about tacos.

Using the collected data, an evaluation matrix was determined to see what the best taco shell is.

Hard shell tacos were found to be significantly better than soft shell tacos.

Fuck you soft shell tacos.