Midterm Motivation


I know that midterms are hard
Profs are laughing at your sorry ass
You are totally caught off guard
You haven’t been going to class

I don’t feel bad for you
All the times you could have studied
You disregarded your nerd crew
For netflix and chill buddies

How did you spend your weekends
Drinking alcohol and getting high?
How much time did you spend
Crying and learning about pipes?

So don’t complain friend
Get out of bed and make coffee
It is not yet the end
You can still walk to Dougie 

Do not go to the gym
You have no time to be fit
There really is no need to be slim 
As long as your grades are lit

The best ships are friendships
After yachts
Which you’ll never take for a rip
Unless you ditch your pals- a lot

Math is more fun anyway
Than your housemate Tom’s jokes
So pick up your pencil, eh!
And crack open the books

So go ahead and write your tests
Complete assignments and reports
It’s midterm season you get no rest
Any good times you must abort