Missed Connections: Halloween Edition


M4W – Looking for the girl with the green fairy wings with the matching lingerie who gave me a blowjob behind stages, I just wanted to say thanks for the herpes, bitch.
W4M – Guy named Ben that was shirtless, wearing a black tie dressed as “Magic Mike”, I know we only danced for two minutes before I threw up and you walked away, but I think we really had a beautiful connection. I think I love you, message me.
W4M – Guy wearing the horse mask who danced all night with the girl dressed like a pirate: you might have Ebola, I’d get tested.
MWMWWM4M – Hello, we are the collective, we all dress the same and have the same glasses and listen to the same music and have orgies on Thursdays, if you would like to join us, send us a picture of you dressed as the borg on Halloween, resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.
M4Fox – You were dressed as kawaii foxxxkin, your silky, smooth fur glistened in the moonlight, when you literally howled at the moon and then urinated on your territory, it turned me on so much, I just want you to go fetch my paper and to take you for walks, howl at me (tweet), @FoxTheLadies
M4F – Looking for the girl dressed as a sexy nurse who is totally a real nurse regardless of what my friend say because you had a syringe and you gave me an injection and you changed my world, I need more of your sweet medicine, call me.