Morley’s Mug a Day 2015: The Madness Continues


For the 620 people who follow the adventure that is Morley’s Mug a Day 2015/2016 (formerly Morley’s Mug a Day 2015), 2015 was a wild ride. For those of you who missed the saga, a Kelowna, BC man spent each day of 2015 uploading a selfie with a new mug to Facebook, and updating his followers on his day to day life. If you weren’t one of Jon E.’s 7 friends on the page, you probably had no idea it even existed. I am here today to tell you that this page does exist, and that it is worth your time. I have even compiled a list to help convince you of this page’s worth to your life.
This page exceeded all of my expectations. I was expecting 1 calendar year of of mug selfies, and yet Morley has decided to continue on into 2016 in the pursuit of coffee enlightenment.
Morley’s Mug a Day 2015/2016 now has double the fun. In addition to Morley’s selfies, his cousin Lana has decided to join Morley for the 2016 year. What Lana lacks in her quantity of selfies, she makes up for in quality.
CBC Winnipeg is heavily invested in this story. CBC Winnipeg has interviewed Morley not once, but TWICE. They had one of their nicest and finest reporters to call Morley and ask him about his commitment and drive to continue the page.
Speaking of commitment, Morley has yet to miss a day. Rain or shine, sick or healthy, Morley is there on Facebook everyday to post his thoughts and mugs.
If this hasn’t convinced you yet, then I think you just need to go look at Morley’s Mug a Day 2015/2016 and find the excitement out for yourself. Morley is a man we should strive to be like, and his commitment to his mugging is something to be revered and treasured.