Must Knows For Hoco


Everyone knows that Homecoming is coming up this weekend – but a lot of people don’t really know what goes on or don’t remember it the next day. Therefore, here are a couple of MUST know terms for Saturday you need to know.
ReUnion Street Festival – Let us reunite our bodies together, bonding our flesh in pleasure and ecstasy. The ReUnion Street Festival allows Queen’s students (both current and alumni!) to engage in one of the most historic university orgies out there. Make sure to watch out for some of pre-Class of ‘70 alumni – they’re craaazy freaky. Brought to you by the SHRC.
Pancake Kegger – Where the pancake batter flows like honey and everyone gets salmonella. Pancake Keggers happen all over the Ghetto, and are a place for people who really like Queen’s and/or pancake batter to congregate and discuss matters pertaining to pancakes. $5 cover, $10 if you’re a frosh. 
Aberdeen – Each year, thousands of students make the pilgrimage to Aberdeen, the holiest of sites in Queen’s. Once in a student’s career, they must journey to Aberdeen to check off one of their obligations in the Pillars of Tricolour. Once there, they must throw beer bottles at cop cars in a symbolic gesture of stoning the devil. Make sure to be careful though, overcrowding has resulted in the trampling of hundreds in years past.
Detained – Whenever a cop stops you to talk, make sure you ask them if you are being detained. Therefore, they will know that you are smart and will give you beers they previously confiscated to chug while cheering you on.
Homecoming Game – Every year, the Queen’s Golden Gaels don’t face Western in an exciting game of football. At least I assume so; no one I know has been to a homecoming game. This is a place where you can wear the tricolour knee-high socks you’ve never worn before, watch people get rouges, and mumble the Oil Thigh.
‘’Embarrassment to Queen’s” Email by Daniel Woolf – A tradition as storied as homecoming itself. Daniel Woolf’s secretary sends out an email about how disappointed he has been by thousands of university students for somehow thinking it’s okay to drink during homecoming.