My Opinion Matters


Listen up, fools! Imma bout to drop some mad thought-bombs and wisdom-grenaded up in this biatch. Because let’s be real: Western society is running out of places where legitimate opinions can be spread. Everyone’s Facebook and Twitter feeds are custom tailored through likes and disikes of pages and people to reinforce views that you already have in your head. News agencies are struggling to stay relevant and overcompensate by only going for attention grabbing, sensationalist reporting rather than a sober thought to the news. And as the news continues to mimick clickbait sites like Buzzfeed, DID YOU KNOW THAT BUZZFEED DOES LIKE REAL, HONEST POLITICAL REPORTING? Like its pretty good. But you’ll never know. 
So it seems like, once again, Golden Words is the last bastion of sanity on this campus. So I better use my quarter-page of space wisely. I gonna say some unpopular things here so I just want to mention that I accept full responsibility for what I’m about to say and that these views are not those held by Golden Words or The Engineering Society. So here goes nothing:
…people who vape are pretty goddamn obnoxious about it. Like how are they allowed to do this everywhere? You’re telling me there’s no inherent health risks being stuck on a bus with 5 of these fuckers. Bullshit. What are you, a steampunk bounty hunter? No one looks cool doing it – that’s the one thing cigarettes have, they look cool. With the right person. I’m not promoting smoking. Just stating a fact. 
While we’re at it, here’s some more
Justin Bieber did not get better all of a sudden
Music quality is subjective
Regular yogurt > Frozen Yogurt
Vegetarianism is a waste of time
Sometimes peaceful protesting is not enough to advance change
“Rock Music” is dying in popularity because this generation of kids was raised on it by their parents and therefore search for an identity through other genres
Climate change is a real phenomenon but humanity wouldn’t give two shits about it if it didn’t affect us in some way
The media favours coverage for crimes and tragedies committed against white people (but you already knew that)
School spirit is pretty dumb and pointless, but so are most human cultural activities, when viewed objectively
Leonardo DiCaprio has not yet given a performance deserving of an Academy Award
*Sound of mike dropping and crickets chirping* K bye.